Performance Modifications

A suspension lift is a modification, often performed by off-road enthusiasts, to raise the ride height of their vehicle. Suspension lifts (also referred to as lift kits or leveling kits) enable steeper approach, departure, and breakover angles, higher ground clearance, and help accommodate larger wheels and tires for improved off-road performance.

Each vehicle typically requires a specific lift kit and the types of kits vary based on the drivetrain installed in the vehicle. Lift kit recommendations will vary considerably based on the needs of the owner. Kits can be as simple as lift blocks (spacers placed between the axles and leaf springs) and coil spring/strut spacers; to replacement control arms, trailing arms, and custom four-link systems. For safety, and to extend the longevity of vehicle components it’s critical for vehicle owners to correctly install the right lift for their application. AAMCO’s team of master techs include off-road enthusiasts who can assist owners in choosing the right lift for their vehicle and make sure it’s installed correctly and safely the first time.

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